Ghislaine Rabin, RYT 200, R&R Trainer® has practiced yoga for 30 years and began teaching in Norman in 1997.  With a focus on alignment, breathing and movement awareness, Ghislaine’s sessions are inspired by teachers of various traditions and by the practices of mindfulness and nonviolent communication.  Offering various levels of Hatha Yoga, as well as Restorative Yoga classes, Ghislaine caters to students with a wide range of abilities.

The practice of yoga will leave you:
“Alert without tension and relaxed without dullness.’’  -Patanjali’s YOGA SUTRA

Restorative (Relax & Renew®) Yoga:

Meditative and fully supported, Restorative Yoga is a practice of being.  By allowing the body to truly relax, one can relieve stress, anxiety or trauma and experience healing.  Classes are available for all levels and are  1hr – 1hr ½.  Reservations are recommended.

Hatha Yoga: 

As a transformational physical discipline, you can expand your awareness and balance strength with flexibility through the practice of asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing).  Learn to explore ways to bring ease and lightness to the postures.  This class is most beneficial on a monthly basis.

Yoga Basics:  

An introduction to yoga postures in a gentle and progressive way with a low fitness level or a limited range of activity for beginners, seniors or continuing students.  Classes are 1hr – 1hr ¼.

Level 1 and 2 yoga:

Steady paced yoga classes to build strength and stamina for the fitness oriented beginner and the continuing student of yoga.  Classes are 1hr  - 1hr ½.

2012 Class Schedules

Sunday                  5:00 PM          Restorative             $20 monthly

Thursday               4:00 PM           Level 1                    $15

Thursday                5:30 PM           Level 2                   $15
*Dates and times of classes are subject to change

All classes, with the exception of private sessions, are held at the Norman Pilates Plus Wellness Center.

To enroll in your first class please call 405-360-6996 or email

How to Prepare for Yoga Practice:

If you have an injury or a medical condition, consult your doctor before attending class, and talk with your instructor about your special needs prior to class.  Notify your instructor if you experience a pose that causes discomfort, pain or dizziness.  Avoid inversions and strenuous poses during menstruation.    

Refrain from eating about two hours before class, and drink liquids before and after practice as needed.  Please do not use lotion or perfume and remove chewing gum before class begins.  Wear comfortable and modest clothing that will conform to your body while doing the yoga postures.  Remove your shoes and socks during the session and avoid wearing things such as jeans, belts and jewelry.  Turn off cell phones and all electronics that may disturb the class.

Arriving a few minutes early will help you prepare for the class with tranquility.  You may meditate or practice restorative poses before the start of class.  Yoga is non-competitive, so you are able practice poses with mindfulness.  To enhance the benefits of the yoga class, practice daily for a few minutes.  

You may bring your own yoga sticky mat for hygiene reasons.  For classes outside of the yoga studio, you will need a firm blanket, foam block and yoga belt.                                     

For questions, please contact Ghislaine Rabin at 405-360-6996 or